Are you ready? start your journey to make BIG, BOLD, + BRAVE changes that will lead you to creating magic in your life so you can finally define your passion + create the foundations for business fueled by your purpose?

Over the next 8 weeks you'll be able to define what your passion is and determine how to turn that passion into a business that will support your dream life. 

Are you currently feeling trapped in a job that isn't lighting up your soul? 

Or maybe you've been feeling that you're meant for something more and have been thinking about making a change but haven't yet.

It's easy to get stuck in the overwhelm and worry of thinking, "how will I ever find the time to pursue my dream?"

Well not to worry, I've have sooo been there. 

And even though it took me a while, I figured out a simple plan that anyone who has a true desire to change their life can easily follow.

And with this course I'm sharing the exact process I've used and taught other people to use in order to be successful.

So not to worry, I've got your back!

I am the queen of signing up for self-help and online business courses.

So trust me, I know there are a lot of different options out there. 

You’re probably wondering: who is Kate and why should I trust her to take me through this? 

And also wondering: Why should I do Manifest Magic? What’s the secret behind it? What makes it different?

I want to answer those questions for you. 

Hi there-- I'm Kate!

I’m an entrepreneur, yoga teacher + trainer, wellness educator, + business mentor living and loving life with my husband {who is not my business partner} in a little mile-square city called Hoboken, NJ. 

I’m obsessed with: rainbow sprinkles, Harry Potter, and cooking-in on a Saturday night with a really nice glass of Italian red wine.

5 years ago I was trapped in a job that left me unfulfilled + unhappy and now I run multiple businesses and support and live my dream life by doing what I love. 

If you’re here, I’m going to guess we have a lot in common. 

And I'm really glad we found each other. 


Before I created a business running 6-figure yoga studios, 5-figure wellness events, and leading 5-figure yoga retreats around the world, all while having the time to travel when I want to and work from home if I need to, I felt stuck.

I was spending my days in a “safe” job that gave me a paycheck, but no purpose or passion. 

This led me to always feel frustrated because I knew I was meant to do more. I hated spending my days feeling like I had “settled” and knowing that I would never be able to make more money than what my salary guide offered. 


Then one day a lightbulb went off…

I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and would no longer live a life that felt inauthentic. So, I took immediate action.

I quit my job as a High School Teacher with no real plan on what to do next. 

I’m going to be honest with you, that was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life (and I once went cliff jumping into the Adriatic Sea in Polignano a Mare… but that’s another story). 

It’s taken me a total of 12 years to build this business and my dream life and I don’t want anyone to have to spend that much time figuring out what their dream business is.  

That’s why I created this course.


What is Manifest Magic?

Manifest Magic is an 8-week online course that will help you clearly define + plan out 4 key things: 
1) What do you want your LIFE to look like?
2) What kind of business do you need to create to support that life?
3) What are you most passionate about?
4) How do you turn that passion into a business that is profitable?

This course is self-guided and can be done from anywhere and at anytime. BUT for a very limited time I'm currently offering the course over a set 8-week period {starting February 1st, 2020} with additional 1-on-1 Mentoring + Group Coaching. Scroll down for more info on that!


The "secret" behind Manifest Magic is simple.

You probably know that in order to be successful you need to have a plan for where you want to end up + what you want to achieve. Like, before you start a road trip you have to be able to put in the coordinates of your destination.

But what you really need to do is far more important than this. 

You need to really understand what your starting point is. 

Most people start moving towards their end goal without ever taking a look at where they’re starting from or what’s prevented them from finding their destination in the past.

Plan your personal journey to success. 

With the right understanding of where you’re at today and what fears are holding you back from moving forward, you can move towards the life you want in less than half the time, rather than following just following a “typical” or “traditional” route where you slowly reach your destination. 

Let’s put it this way…  
Imagine you’re trying to plan a road trip from Philadelphia to NYC.

The general route is to start at the Liberty Bell in Philly with the destination of the Empire State Building in Manhattan. Lots of people may have followed this route, despite some traffic along the way, but they eventually arrive, so you figure it sounds like a good way to go. 

BUT-- you actually don’t live near the Liberty Bell. You live about 10 miles east of the Liberty Belly right outside of Philly, and so even though those directions roughly work for you, there’s a lot of confusion and missteps and traffic jams you’re going to face as you get started along the route. 

Trust me, I’ve made the trip from Philly to NYC without checking the traffic report and it is literally. the. absolute. worst. 

Wouldn’t it be easier to enter your exact original starting point, have Google Maps run a traffic report to see where there might be construction or an accident along the way, and then get started on your trip? 

That's the secret behind Manifest Magic.

You’ll understand where you’re truly starting from so you can create the perfect plan on where to go next. 
This program is designed to teach you how to truly understand where you’re currently at in your life so you can create a specific and actionable plan to move you forward towards success. 

You'll also learn what traffic jams are holding you back, and how you can create the most efficient and feasible plan to get to your dream life destination. 

Even though it takes a little more planning before you get started, by following this program you can literally save yourself weeks, months, and years of putting off manifesting the freedom + abundance you want in your life.

Plus, you’ll also save time and money by being able to tackle all of these things in one program rather than needing to piece together a whole bunch of different courses yourself.

I’ve spent the last 12 years curating this information.

I've taken course after course to learn this stuff, and now I’ve put all of the best of it together into creating Manifest Magic.


After taking two months to complete this course you will...

Gain complete clarity on the ideal life you want to create. 

Eliminate any fears of failure, of success (yes it’s a real thing), or lack of confidence you’re currently carrying with you 

◦ Effortlessly be able to create a plan for the next steps needed to get your business up and running.


It's called Manifest Magic,  and the source of that wisdom lies completely within you + your commitment to tapping into it. 


This program is for you if you're ...


You're ready to stop feeling lost + start feeling motivated to move down a purposeful path. 


You want to start DOing big things instead of just dreaming about them.


You know you're meant for more and want a big life filled with freedom, passion + purpose

Think you're meant for this?



You may be wondering...

if Manifest Magic is the right fit for you.

And here’s the thing, I want people in this program who feel like they’re totally ready to move the needle in creating their dream life + business.

I know that this program isn’t meant for everyone + it’s important to me that we are the right fit for each other. 

Let's take a look at a few ideas that will help us figure out if we're a good fit to work together on this journey. 

This is a personal journey. Let's do this together if... 

  • You have no idea how to turn your passion into a profitable business. 
  • You feel lost and confused when it comes to understanding what’s holding you back from creating positive changes in your life.
  • You want to have more freedom + time in your life but have no idea how to make that happen.
  • You don’t know what your greatest strength is and how that is probably the key to creating profits in your business.
  • You tell yourself “I’ll never be able to make as much money in my own business as I am in my current job”.
  • You secretly think that you’re meant for bigger things and a more purposeful life but you have no clear path to get there. 
  • You would love to build a flourishing business that creates a life of wealth + abundance in ALL things-- time, money, freedom, and passion--  but think that’s just a crazy dream.
  • You feel unfocused and directionless so you jump around from idea to idea and never actually get started.
  • You doubt your abilities to ever really make the jump and leave your corporate job. 
  • You dream of a life of space + freedom defined by YOUR rules.


Do any of these sound like you?

If so, I think you’re in the right place. :)



Expert Mentorship + Support
{$2400 value}

I'm going to be with you on this journey-- every step of the way. 

I'll be sending you weekly inspiration + check-ins to help keep you on track throughout the 8-weeks of this course.

Plus, you'll get live access to me through group masterminds calls that I offer to members of my private Facebook group 1x per month.

You'll be able to ask questions + get personalized advice from me directly as I learn your story + guide you down your path.


Weekly Training Videos
{$1600 value}

These videos will walk you through all of the course content + lessons to learn. You’ll gain a better understanding of the key concepts you need to create your Manifest Magic plan. 

Here’s an overview of the topics you can expect to cover in these videos…

time blocking • self-care survey + wholistic living • benefits of failure • powering-up positivity •  embracing your inner wisdom •  identifying your key character strengths • defining your dream life • creating positive + focused changed •  mastering your money mindset • defining your passion project + making a profit • creating your basic business plan

Deluxe Digital Workbook
{$197 value}

This is a comprehensive guide of activities and questions that help you immediately apply what you learn in the training videos to your life.

If you didn't know this already, my background is in education, which means I’ve used everything I learned from that career to create this workbook to reinforce what you’ve learned so you can actually apply it to your life. 

This will basically be your personal journal to help integrate the lessons from the videos directly into your life. 

Community + Connection

You’ll have access to a private FB group where you’ll connect with other Magic Makers going through this course.

A key component of success is to find a tribe of people who are taking big leaps just like you are. You'll lift each other up + remind each other it's possible to dream bigger.

You’ll be able to rely on each other for support + motivation as you work side-by-side to build your dreams.

Everything Included in the Program


lessons taught by me that walk you step-by-step towards getting fast results. 


packed with all the mini-guides, tools, checklists, journals, and calendars you need to stay focused. 


sent your way via email to keep you motivated + on track.


available to you anytime you need some extra help or inspiration.


access so you’re constantly connected to a tribe who will support each other along the way. 


so you can study the materials and take action anywhere, anytime!  Go at your own pace.

Monthly Digital Masterminds

calls lead by me with the rest of the Magic Maker crew to help keep you focused + inspired.


What will it cost to invest in achieving my dreams?


Signing up for Manifest Magic is an investment in your time + yourself. When you enroll today + commit to joining my 8-week program here’s a recap of what you’ll be getting…

  • 8-weeks of video modules to walk you step-by-step towards getting fast results. {$1600 value}
  • Deluxe Digital Workbook packed with all the mini-guides, tools, checklists, journals, and calendars you need to stay focused. ($197 value)
  • Monthly Coaching Mastermind calls with me + the rest of the Magic Maker crew to help keep you focused + inspired {$1000 value}
  • Private FB Group access so you’re constantly connected to a tribe of people who will support each other along the way {priceless}
  • Weekly Check-ins to keep you on track and motivated throughout the 2-months {$250 value}
  • Ongoing email support where you can follow-up with any questions along the way (or even after you finish the course). {$400 value}
  • 24/7 Online Access to all course materials so you can create your own schedule + go at your own pace. {priceless}
If you whip out your calculator and add that up, that’s a total value of over $3400. 

But… not to worry, I’m not going to be charging even close to that much for this program because I truly believe that it shouldn’t feel impossible to invest in your dreams.


I've put together 2 different pricing options to make this program accessible to anyone who is ready to start investing in their dream life. 

One-Time Payment


SAVE $70







Designing + supporting a life you're always dreamed of is totally possible. 

The time for you to take action is now. 

I'm ready when you are. :)


"I worked with Kate because I knew what my goals were, but wasn't sure what to do in order to make them a reality. I felt pretty confident in my skills and what I wanted down the road, but getting there was just felt like a fog. I knew that if I had the right steps and support that I could make better changes. I had trouble holding myself accountable to a schedule as well as completing certain tasks. I also had a hard time knowing the right steps to take as I tried to make progress. Kate's programs actually made them even more clear and direct. And, the goals became more attainable and even more exciting. Kate helped me dive into some smaller goals I didn't realize I had and then put together a plan to hit those.”"

- Morgan G.
Copywriter + Editor

"Working with Kate has immensely helped me to reset my energy and bring back a more positive mindset. She provides easy to incorporate tactics that when applied regularly, help increase overall happiness. Kate is warm, relatable and so easy to work with. I'm thankful for the work we did together and continue to apply her wellness solutions to my life."

Melanie E.

"Most people don’t think they can find a person that inspires them, challenges them, and cheers them on all at the same time, but those people haven't met Kate. From business advice to guidance in personal growth, Kate has shown me time and time again that there is no glory in struggling alone, but massive change can be had when we surround ourselves with people that we admire. Having a mentor to guide me and a group of like minded individuals to communicate with creates the space and energy I've needed to turn my dreams into my reality. Any program, course, or class Kate teaches I'm in for because I know it's only going to help me build and be better."

Jamie G.
Entrepreneur + Musician

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